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Human Revolution in sudan africa
Waterfall in africa
4 Buffalos resting on the ground in black and white
Ethiopian girl
Ethiopian villagers
nile river in Sudan
cows on a montain top in Ethiopia
OLD WINDOWS IN an abandoned building
two girls wearing a traditional dress partially covering their face
colorful buckets and watering cans
3 children and an adult in a rowing boat in the river NILE
Rounded pottery filling the horizon
An african little girl wearing a venetian style mask
A sad african boy looking towards the camera
a rapid river in Ethiopia
an outdoor market in Ethiopia
Waterfall in africa
six working class men walking in the street by a cliff
An african man looking towards the camera
A black and white image of a  dusty road in AFRICA
A GOAT standing on a rock over looking a green landscape
An african man with a snake around his head
A buffalo laying resting on the ground
an abstract setup of coffee beans in a bowl
villagers crossing a wooden bridge in Ethiopian landscape
a red Parrot standing on a wooden perch