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Animals & Wild Life

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Great crested grebe cleaning feathers, scratching, flapping wings and swimming away
Birds by the water
a closeup for a cat and a kitten in a garden
Wild pink and grey flamingos on the salt lake in Larnaca, Cyprus
Antelope in Africa
young  Egyptian   riding arabian horse in desert,  giza platou with grand pyramids in background
Little Egret bird
Little Egret bird eating a fish
Close up of a dogs eye
Brain coral reef pattern underwater
a closeup for a kitten in a garden
Persian cat in one of Maldives resort
A lazy yellow cat walking on bed and another grey cat sleeping on bed as well
Greater Flamingo flying
a photo for a cultivated land in rural area in Egypt showing a birds beside an irrigation canal
seagulls flying by a lake
Yorkshire Terrier laying on the green grass
Tree creeper, Certhia Familiaris, climbing on a tree trunk looking for insects to feed on
Portrait of a migrating crane
Two penguins resting on a boulder
Great crested grebe,Podiceps Cristatus, sitting on eggs in the floating nest while adjusting and fixing it
a King fisher on a white rock
Smiling Camel at Petra Jordan
Impala closeup
seagulls flying by a lake
Nile Valley Sun Bird
Skelton showing teeth of a Cape Buffalo that was caught and eaten by Lions
A monkey's face from the side looking ahead and shade covers his face
A Pretty bird on a rock
A Pelican in calm waters
crab tropical wild animal  on a white sand beach
Brown (or tufted) capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) male in green grass, looking at camera
2 Birds on the water
Spider on a green ferns
An alligator lies motionless in a marshy area near the Florida Everglades
Bare tree
Great Cormorant Bird
Black Crowned Night Heron
Longnose gar fish
Colourful White Throated KingFisher
underwater shot in the red sea Egypt
ferruginous white Duck in the lack
Tree creeper, CerthiaFamiliaris, climbing on a tree trunk feeding on insects
Arabian fox yawning in the desert
Grey Heron near the waters
seagulls flying by a lake
A dog portrait in the desert
Brook water stream with small rift in day time, selective focus, angle take
Scene of a herd of elephants in the middle of a river
Little Green Bee Eater
The pyramids of Giza with a camel in the forground
Squacco Heron bird
young  Egyptian   riding arabian horse in desert,  giza platou with grand pyramids in background
Golden Retriever Dog Portrait
honey bee worker  farm animal  home in nature representing health medicine and organic food concept
A white backed vulture standing on a body of a dead elephant that was hunted by a pack of lions during night at Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Little Egret bird holding a fish
seagulls flying by a lake
ferruginous Duck swimming in a lake