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Scene of cable car ascending Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Sea caves,Cape Greko. Mediterranean Sea,Cyprus
View of a group of penguins with nestling chicks
Scene of an African penguin standing in the sand
View of a Cape Buffalo standing in the bush
View of sunbird eating nectar from red aloe
View of a Hooded Vulture facing the camera
View of Greater Double-collared Sunbird perched on branch
Scene of a Cape Buffalo smelling for predators
View from the Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse
View looking down over Cape Town
Close up shot of the head of an African penguin
The sign and entrance of the visitors center at the Table Mountain Cape of Good Hope
Two Cape Buffalo bulls quenching their thirst at a waterhole in Africa
Skelton showing teeth of a Cape Buffalo that was caught and eaten by Lions
Old padlock on a wooden door Mediterranean Sea,Cyprus
Time lapses looking toward False Bay and Cape Hangklip
Scene of para glider soars near Lion's Head mountain
Scene of a Colorful Sekukhune flat lizard sunning
View of a Cape Hunting Dog tearing at a dead Impala
Scene of a beautiful day in Cape Town
A coconut tree against blue sky and clouds
Scene of the clouds over the mouth of Hout Bay
View of rock Carabousa taken of the extremity of Cape Bousa during an expedition against the pirates of the archipelago, vintage engraved illustration. Magasin Pittoresque 1853.
View of the cliffs below the Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse
View of penguins standing around on Boulder Beach
View of two para-gliders drifting in the wind near Cape Town
View of the shoreline along the Cape of Good Hope
Scene as tourists vist the Cape of Good Hope lighthouse
Scene ofan impressive huge Cape Buffalo
Scene of the rugged cliffside of Cape of Good Hope
View of para glider launching into winds over Cape Town
Two penguins resting on a boulder
View of shifting sunset clouds over Atlantic ocean
Sea caves,Cape Greko. Mediterranean Sea,Cyprus
Scene of waves hitting rocks near Boulders Beach
Two Cape Buffalo bulls quenching their thirst at a waterhole in Africa
View of cable car going up Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Swirling cloud time lapse over Cape Town with views of Table Mountain and Lions Head Mountain
A downy feather covered chick nestling sleeping
Right time lapse pan of the clouds over Cape Town
Scene of a Cape Buffalo stands alertly in bush
View of the jagged coastline near Hout Bay
Sunset timelapse of the Atlantic ocean near Hout Bay
A right pan over Cape Town
View of a pack of Cape Hunting Dogs in the shade
Scene of two penguin chicks huddling near their mother
View of granite boulders on the shore near Boulders Beach
View of two penguin nestlings near mother
Scene of a para glider drifting in winds above Cape Town
View of three penguins sunning on the rocks
A glimpse of the distant Boulders Beach penguins
View of a Cape Buffalo walking away
A sad view of a dead penguin lying on the beach
Dramatic sunset time lapse near False Bay South Africa
Scene of clouds flowing around Table Mountain Cape Town
Scene of a small group or waddle of African penguins
Scene of an adult penguin and chicks sleeping in a nest
Scene of waves crash against the rocks near Hout Bay
View of an Oxpecker perched on back of Cape Buffalo