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View of a Giraffe and its calf
View of a Giraffe looking over to the camera
View of a Giraffe drinking at a lush watering hole
Scene of a Giraffe lowering its head to drink
A family of three Giraffes (a tower)
View of a young Giraffe staring at camera
View of a mature female Giraffe looking at viewer
Scene of a bull Giraffe chewing the cud
A scene of dramatic sunset light beind a Giraffe
View of a Giraffe grazing at the top of a tree
View of a giraffe chewing in the shade
Scene of the intricate spots of a giraffe
View of a male and female Giraffe standing on alert
Scene of two giraffe standing in the shade
Left pan over to a large giraffe
Scene of Healthy young Giraffe in Kruger
Detail shot of a bull Giraffe neck
This video is about 2017-05-19-Safari
Scene as giraffe looks at the camera
Close view of the spots on a young giraffe
Fleeting glimpse of a Giraffe walking behind a tree
View of giraffe chewing on tree leaves
Profile view of a bull Giraffe
Scene of a bull Giraffe licking lips after drinking water
Scene of a Red Billed Oxpecker pestering a Giraffe