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View of cheetah walking out of frame
Scene as fly lands on lions back paw
Panning view of a cheetah on the prowl
View of two lions hunting a crocodile
View of lion cub sleeping in shade
Scene as two young lions interact with each other
Scene of a lion near a watering hole
Close up view of cheetah fur
Very tight shot of a lion cub face
Scene of a lion eating a peice of meat
Very close view of a sleeping young lions face
Very close shot of a lion cub eye
View of a lion chewing on a bone from a hunt
View of a lion smelling the ground
Scene of a cheetah sitting in a forest
Scene of lion eating meat from a carcass
View of a lion gnawing on a chunk of bone
View of a drowsy lion cub in the shade
Scene of a cheetah resting in shade
Close side view of a lion
View of lion cub walking by its mother
View of a young lion in a tree
Scene of two lion cubs sleeping in shade
Close up view of  the profile of a lion
View of a male lion panting in the shade
View of a cheetah sitting in the sun
Scene of lion cub face resting in shade
Scene of a young lion recling in the forest
View of the front paw of a sleeping lion
Scene of young lion standing and looking
Scene of a close shot of sleeping lion
First person point of view of a group of lions walking a path
Profile view of an alert cheetah