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View of an elephant flapping his ears to cool his blood
View as two elephants interact on a river bank
Scene of a herd of elephants in the middle of a river
Scene of a river bank with herd of elephants
Tight shot of an elephants eye
View of a bull elephant drinking water from its trunk
View of three elephants taking a mud bath
View of an elephant plucking at roots on a river bank
View of a young male elephant walking in the bush
Scene of an elephant with crooked tusks smelling with trunk
Close view of the head of a mud covered bull elephant
View of a massive elephant wallowing on a river bank
Scene of a side view of a bull elephants body
View of a thirsty bull elephant drinking water
Scene of a young male elephant digging up roots
View of a huge bull elephant steping into river
Scene of female tourist photographing distant elephants
View of a river bank with elephants grazing nearby
Young male elephant
Scene as an elephant stands up from a mud bath
Scene of a close view of a young male elephants head
View of a bull elephant walking across a river
View of female photographer capturing distant elephants interacting
Scene of a baby elephant standing near its mother
Close view of a male elephant chewing grass
Scene as a herd of elephants grazing on a lush green river bank
Scene of a dusty red bull elephant plucking grass and roots
Scene of an elephants head in the shade
Scene of an elephant throwing mud onto its back
Left pan of three elephants on a grassy river bank
Scene as female tourist enjoys view of large herd of elephants
View of a bull elephants tail swinging around
Scene of an elephant laying down on a muddy bank
Close tracking shot of an elephants body walking across a river
Pan up view of an elephants trunk
View of a young male elephant foraging for food
Scene as elephant sprays water into its mouth
Scene of an elephant walking along lush river bank
View of a large sleepy bull elephant drowsing at a waterhole
View of an elephant standing in a river
Scene as an elephants drinks from a waterhole
View as bull elephant leaves the waterhole
Scene as a bull elephant lazily stands at a waterhole
View of a young elephant grazing on leaves
Scene as elephant walks past the camera
Wide scenic view of a large herd of elephants on a river bank
Scene of a bull elephant behind a tree at a waterhole
View of a mature bull elephant walking near waterhole