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View of woman tourist looking at African art
Scene of the canyon below Bourke's Luck pot holes bridge
Right pan of the gorgeous Blyde river canyon
Left pan of the lush Blyde river canyon
Scene of bright flowers at God's Window South Africa
Pan down to rugged canyon at Bourke's Luck pot holes
View of couple enjoying Blyde river canyon in Africa
Scene as water pours over Bourkes Luck pot holes
View of Blyde river at Bourkes Luck pot holes
Scene as woman admires the view in Africa
A view of the bridge at Bourke's Luck pot holes
Pan to a woman meditating on her journey
Time lapse dolly shot of flat lands above Blyde river canyon
Pan down of Bourke's pot holes in Africa
Time lapse view at God's Window South Africa
Left pan to a woman with her hair down at Blyde river canyon
Right pan away from a woman in Africa
View of an impala walking in the bush
Right pan of Bourkes pot holes in Africa
Dramatic time lapse of God's Window in South Africa
View of Blyde river flowing at Bourke's Luck pot holes
Scene of a Colorful Sekukhune flat lizard sunning
Pan down to the exotic Blyde river canyon
Couple sits and admires the view of Blyde river Africa
View of a rainbow colored Sekukhune flat lizard on a rock
A view of the gushing river at Bourke's Luck pot holes
Left pan view of God's Window South Africa