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Scene of a sleeping hyena
View of hippos surfacing up and down in a river
View of a bull Kudu turning to profile
Close shot view of a white backed vulture near a wake
View of looking into the eyes of a deadly predator
View of a resting male lion turning its head
Scene of two rock dassie resting on a boulder
A wake of vultures fighting for dead meat
Scene of hippo dissapearing into the water
View of a young hyena resting in the shade
Pan up time lapse of the African bush near Kruger
Pack of African wild dogs resting in the shade
Scene of a Female Kuda standing at alert
Dramatic close shot of a lions alert eyes
View of a lion resting in the shade
Scene as a hippo surfaces next to another hippo
Scene of a lion drifting off to sleep
Scene as a Wild Dog pulls on an Impala kill
Scene of a commitee of perched vultures
Close up look at lions mouth nose and whiskers
View of a Wake of white backed vultures at a kill
View of a Lion resting on the ground
Scene of vultures being chased away from kill by Wild Dogs
View of a group of endangered Rhinos walking away
View of a Hooded Vulture facing the camera
Scene of a bull Kudu grazing on leaves
Scene of two painted wolves resting under a tree
Scene of a Hyrax resting on a branch
Scene of an endangered Rhino walking in the bush
View of a gruesome frenzy of vultures tearing flesh off a dead impala
View of hippos wading up stream in a river
View of a bull Kudu walking away
Scene of a male lion in the shade of a tree
Close up shot of African Wild Dogs
Scene of two hippos grazing in a river
View of a tiny Hyrax a relative of Elephants
View of two common Dwarf Mongoose in a termite mound
View of Impala rib cage meat carcas killed by Wild Dogs
Scene of a Hooded vulture fluffing up feathers
Scene of two Wild Dogs prowling for prey
Scene of a lion looking at camera and walking away
Scene of a pack of Wild Dogs inspecting a kill
Scene of a dazzle of Zebras in Kruger
Wild Dog drags a dead Impala kill
A profile view of a lion resting
View of an alert hooded vulture
Scene of a male lion walking away into the bush
Tracking shot of a lion as it hunts in the bush
View of two Hyrax sunning on a rock
View of flock (wake) of vultures scrambling for meat
Scene of the top of two hippos heads visible in a river
View of a pack of Cape Hunting Dogs in the shade
Scene of a White Backed Vulture approaching a dead impala killed by wild dogs
View of a Wild Dog chewing on an Impala
View of a Rock Dassie hiding in a bush
Side view of a lions head
View of a tawny hawk and vultures resting on branches
View of a low framed hippo watching photographer
Scene of Healthy young Giraffe in Kruger
View of Lion turning to look at the camera