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Scene as vultures greedily feed on a dead Impala
View of a Hooded Vulture facing the camera
View of flock (wake) of vultures scrambling for meat
A vulture commitee landing and launching from branches
A wake of vultures fighting for dead meat
View of a Wake of white backed vultures at a kill
View of an alert hooded vulture
Close shot view of a white backed vulture near a wake
View of a Lappet Faced Vulture perched on a branch
Scene of a Hooded vulture fluffing up feathers
View of a group of White Backed Vultures in a feeding frenzy of a carcass
View of a tawny hawk and vultures resting on branches
View of a vulture perched near a dead Impala
Scene of a commitee of perched vultures
Scene of a Hooded Vulture turned away from the camera
Scene of a group of feeding vultures (wake) tearing up an Impala
View of a gruesome frenzy of vultures tearing flesh off a dead impala
Scene of a Tawny Eagle and commitee of vultures
Scene of a White Backed Vulture approaching a dead impala killed by wild dogs