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Scene of a Hooded Vulture turned away from the camera
View of evening light falling on a sleepy lion
View of a Lappet Faced Vulture perched on a branch
View of a lion that is very focused on surroundings
View of a lone hippo swiming in a river
Scene of Lion flicking ears to get rid of flies
Scene of a group of feeding vultures (wake) tearing up an Impala
View of a young hyena sleeping in the sun
Scene of a resting Lion closes its eyes
Scene of a drowsy lion waking up
Close shot view of a lion falling asleep
View of a group of White Backed Vultures in a feeding frenzy of a carcass
View of a Cape Hunting Dog tearing at a dead Impala
Scene of a Tawny Eagle and commitee of vultures
View of a vulture perched near a dead Impala
A vulture commitee landing and launching from branches
Scene as vultures greedily feed on a dead Impala
Scene of a Lion resting under a tree at sunset